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Below are some frequently asked questions about the program.

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Who would be an ideal candidate for this program?

The Human Rights program is developed in conjunction with the Institute for the Study of Human Rights (ISHR) at Columbia University. It is ideal for professionals, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate students wishing to further their knowledge and understanding of human rights.

When does the summer 2018 Session begin? (What are the dates?)


Our 2018 summer session will run from May 21-June 29, and our second session from July 2-August 10.

The Certification of Professional Achievement in Human Rights Program is only offered in summer and can be completed in one or spread over two summers. It has 4 classes in the curriculum (listed below) which makes it a 12 credit program. Two of the classes are offered in the first summer session (May 21-June 29) and two during the second session (July 2 – August 10). If you wish to take the program part time, you can take one class per summer session and complete the program in two summers instead of one.


Is this exclusively a summer program or can this certificate be completed during other semesters of the academic year?

The program is only offered in summer and can be completed over one or two summers. Our 2018 summer semester has two sessions, Session 1 (May 21–June 29) and Session 2 (July2 –August 10).

What are the required courses for this certificate?

In order to receive the certification, students must complete the following requirements:

  • S4020. Introduction to Human Rights
  • S4220. International Human Rights Law
  • Two elective human rights courses

What happens if I am unable to take courses during both summer sessions?

Students pursuing the Summer Human Rights Certification are expected to do so over the course of one summer. Students who cannot attend both summer sessions for a compelling reason may return in the following year, after consulting with the ISHR Education Department. 

When will applicants receive an Admissions decision?

Decision notifications are sent via email. Admission decisions are typically communicated 5-7 business days after an application is complete.