Ludovica Tullio: Developing Leadership Skills For The Future with Business Edge

November 20, 2020

Ludovica Tullio: Developing Leadership Skills For The Future with Business Edge

Ludovica Tullio, a visiting student from Modena, Italy, joined Columbia’s Summer Sessions in 2020 to attend the Business Edge program virtually. This Bachelor of Business student at the University of Bologna was concentrating her studies in management and marketing, but looking to expand her knowledge of business by applying theories to real-world situations. 

We sat down with Tullio to learn more about her experience in the Business Edge program:

What drew you to attend Columbia and why did Business Edge appeal to you? 

After evaluating several summer courses offered by different Universities, the Business Edge Summer Program seemed to be the most complete and focused one. I was also drawn by the dynamic and innovative context that characterizes Columbia University.

What was your experience at Columbia? What was the experience like online?

My experience at Columbia was very formative and has helped me develop leadership and teamwork skills, which are essential if you want to pursue a managerial path in your future career.

The lessons and workshops have proved to be extremely useful. Not just for the quality of the content, but also for the methodological approach used: aimed at teaching us how to address business, management and social issues of the present and future.

The challenge of following a 6-week intensive course online, in a different time-zone, was overcome by the excellent support given to students by both the professors and advisors, who managed to make everything work at its best.

What were your favorite courses?

I believe that the four sessions (accounting, finance, leadership and marketing), together with the weekly workshops, provided us with an overall thorough preparation. I really enjoyed Professor Skye Cleary’s leadership course. I found it very interesting to learn how different leadership styles can be applied, with the same degree of success, to different contexts and situations. Professor Pulgram’s workshops were also truly inspiring. He taught us how to present ourselves in an authentic, confident and creative way.

How did this coursework help you in your academic/professional goals?

After graduating, my plan is to work in international and challenging business contexts for a few years and then apply to an MBA in an American University. My goal is to become a competent business professional, who stands out for her background and knowledge, both at a technical and cultural level. 

I strongly believe that the Business Edge Summer Program, offered by Columbia University, has been a solid step towards my future career objectives and personal development, providing me with the technical and fundamental skills necessary for being better prepared to pursue an MBA. All of this through effective teaching methods, such as project-based studies, workshops, teamwork, lectures and international confrontation.

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