Gianluca Messina: Applying Skills to Advance a Career

Gianluca Messina: Applying Skills to Advance a Career

Gianluca Messina has been working for the MLB in rules and regulations for eight years. During Columbia Summer 2017, he enrolled in the Advanced Business Certificate program.

Why did you choose to enroll in the Advanced Business Certificate program?

My career is very demanding and at one point I moved to four different cities in four years. I didn’t think going back to school would be an option, but a colleague of mine recommended the program to me. I thought to myself, “If not now, when?” The way the program is structured is a good fit for my hectic schedule. Thinking long-term, I’d like to transition into a managerial role and I saw it as a way to complement and enhance my skill sets.

The program has been a challenge but I feel invigorated by it.

Which classes have you taken so far?

I took Managing Human Behavior in the Organization and it was great! I deal with people in a high-stress environment so I was able to take away a lot from that class and apply it to my interactions on a daily basis. Currently, I’m in Leading Alignment and Agility and have learned a lot about what goes into organizational dynamics from a neuroscience aspect. These are applicable to real world experience — it’s teaching me new ways to think. These classes are emotional investments for me because I’m passionate about the subjects.

Why would you recommend this program to others? What do think can be gained from it?

I can’t speak highly enough of the Advanced Business Certificate program. The faculty are top-notch and you’re really learning from industry leaders. I’ve noticed that Columbia, specifically the School of Professional Studies, has a mindset that they want to see their students succeed. The students here are engaging and thought-provoking, and because of their background and knowledge I leave class having learned something new. It’s up to you to create your own opportunities. I’m a big proponent of the advantages offered through these programs and I’ve already told many colleagues about it as a way to advance themselves and their careers.