Lynn Veverka: Pursuing Next-Level Business Education

Lynn Veverka: Pursuing Next-Level Business Education

Lynn Veverka achieved a degree in Fine Arts from Alfred University in New York and enrolled in the Advanced Business Certificate program during summer 2017. 

Why did you choose to pursue the Business Certificate as opposed to an MBA?

For me, this was the best possible choice in furthering my education at this point in my life. I am getting the graduate-level classes and experience without committing myself for the next two years. I look forward to getting back into sales once my certificate is complete.

I knew I was ready for the next level of education, but was not quite ready to delve into an MBA. The Business Certificate program was the perfect middle ground.

Which classes did you take and how have they prepared you?

I took classes in Finance, Marketing Strategy and Organizational Behavior and Negotiation. They have sharpened my skill-set tenfold. I hope to go into sales of luxury goods and work in a gallery setting, and I feel very well prepared to fill a leadership role after taking these classes. Since my undergrad is in Fine Art, I am hoping to combine the business skills I have accumulated to enable myself to live in both the business world and the art world seamlessly.

Why would you recommend this program to other people?

It is the perfect stepping stone between undergraduate and graduate studies. You will be immersed in engaging topics and surrounded by equally interested and diverse classmates. Additionally, I can’t forget to mention the the colleagues I have met and befriended.