Yufei Ma: Developing Transferable Educational and Professional Skills

Yufei Ma: Developing Transferable Educational and Professional Skills

Yufei Ma, a student at Nankai University in China who is double-majoring in financial management and physics, enrolled in Columbia Summer as a visiting student in 2017.

What was your motivation to enroll in Columbia Summer?

I plan to study in New York after graduating, and have a strong determination to apply to Columbia. I felt it would be wise to spend the summer in a rigorous academic atmosphere to prepare me for being a full-time student in the U.S. Columbia is a place that offers a range of recreational activities such as Columbia Summer Student Celebration to help students unwind after studying hard.

This experience helped me develop transferable skills that can be employed in different environments, especially in my future studies and workplace.

What classes did you take? What were some of the biggest takeaways from your experience?

I am taking Financial Economics and Statistics which supplement my current studies in China, and the credits transfer to my university back home. The specialized courses provide training and professional development that will be great for my future studies and career. My courses also take advantage of the fact that we are in the global capital of finance with visits to the Museum of American Finance and the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

Why would you recommend the program to others?

I think the summer program is a fantastic opportunity to combine academic study with personal growth. The summer enrichment is very demanding and the courses progress faster than normal classes. I became better with time management and learned how to balance my studies and personal life. Being an overseas student, you also get to learn about a different culture while gaining valuable life experience. SPS provided me with the opportunity to improve conversational and academic English skills as well as meet university students from the USA and other countries.