Summer Courses

Below are some frequently asked questions about studying in the summer.

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Do I need to apply for Summer Sessions?

Matriculating Columbia students do not need to apply for Summer Sessions.

Can I register on SSOL?

Students enrolled in an undergraduate school (CC,GS, SEAS) will have registration appointments on SSOL for Summer Sessions. Some graduate schools will be able to register via SSOL; however, please consult with your program adviser to confirm.

Will there be a mark on my transcript if I withdraw?

Depending on the CU school you are affiliated with, a mark of “W” will appear on your transcript. If you do not want the withdrawn mark on your transcript, you must send a note to SPS Student Affairs to request the removal of the “W” on the transcript. You should do this after you submit the withdrawal form.

Is there a waitlist for summer classes?

There is no waitlist for summer classes. If a desired class is full, you should continue to check the Directory of Classes to see if any seats become available. Typically, enrollment numbers fluctuate during Change of Program Period as well. 

What is the protocol for Barnard students?

Barnard students do not need to apply for Summer Sessions; however, prior to registering for summer class(es), students should submit the Application for Approval of Summer Sessions Courses to the Barnard Registrar’s Office. Once approved, you should be able to register for classes via SSOL.

I am an incoming Columbia College freshman. Can I register for classes before my first year starts?

If you have been accepted to Columbia College for Fall 2018, you can take classes in the summer before your studies begin by applying to the Undergraduate Visiting Program. Please consult with a Summer Sessions Advisor at summersessions@columbia.edu to obtain proper application instructions.

I am an incoming Columbia College student. Do I need transcripts from my previous college before I transferred?

Transcripts are generally required for all summer program applications. Please check with a Summer Sessions Advisor to confirm.