Alumni Summer Auditing: Summer Program

Columbia Alumni

The Alumni Summer Auditing program is an academic auditing experience open to Columbia alumni during Summer 2020. Columbia Summer’s online format provides a unique opportunity for alumni to engage with Columbia faculty and take courses in a wide variety of disciplines.

  • The Alumni Summer Auditing program offers dynamic online course offerings taught by Columbia’s distinguished faculty. Additionally, the alumni summer experience includes a robust series of co-curricular activities where we bring Columbia University intellectuals to our students.
  • Alumni are invited to audit courses, but participate fully in class discussions. Courses are non-credit and not for a grade. 


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Session C Courses (May 26 – June 26)
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Advanced Negotiation - NECR K5205 Beth Fisher-Yoshida
Session D Courses (May 26 – July 2, 2020)
African-American Studies Introduction to African-American Studies - AFASUN1001 Josef Sorett
Anthropology Anthropology of Violence - ANTH S3722 Ellen Marakowitz
Art History Jackson Pollock - AHISS3426 Kent Minturn
Bioethics History of Bioethics - BIET K5300 Meghan L. Crnic
Bioethics E-Health, Ethics, and Policy - BIET K5380 Jared H. Silberman
Biological Sciences Virology - BIOL 4310 Vincent Racaniello
Business Certificate Managing Human Behavior in the Org - BUSI K5010 John Bockstoce
Business Certificate Introduction to Marketing - BUSI K5020 Lauri Harrison
Business Certificate Developing and Implementing New Ideas: Entrepreneurship - BUSI K5030 Michael E. Jr. McGuire
Construction Administration Introduction to Building Systems: MEP's - CNAD K5134 Christopher P. Hagen
English Shakespearean Character on Stage and Page - ENGL S3233 Douglas Pfeiffer
English Chaucer and Literary London - ENGL S3261 Gillian Adler
History US Intellectual History, 1865-Present - HIST UN2478 Benjamin Serby
History History of Pandemics - HIST 2952 Kavita Sivaramakrishnan
History Scarcity: Economy and Nature - HIST S3178 Carl Wennerlind
Law Comparative Jurisprudence - LAWS3150 Christopher Riano
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Introduction to Negotiation - NECR K5105 Bodi Regan
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Introduction to Mediation - NECR K5107 Michele Riley
Philosophy Social and Political Philosophy - PHIL S3751 Adam Blazej
Physics Origins and Meaning - PHYS UN1111 Brian Greene
Religion Religion and the History of Hip-Hop - RELS1612 Josef Sorett
Religion Introduction to African-American Studies - RELS1612 Josef Sorett
Sociology Understanding Society - SOCIS1050 Shamus Khan
Strategic Communication Communication and Global Brand - COMM K5210 Cheryl Fenelle-Dixon
Strategic Communication Content Strategy - COMM K5270 Christopher W Collette
Sustainability Management Economics of Sustainability Management - SUMA K4190 Alexander Heil
Sustainability Management Decision Models and Management - SUMA K5033 Lucius Riccio
Sustainability Management Accounting, Finance, and Modeling of Sustainability Investments - SUMA K5195 Brad Schwartz
Urban Studies Introduction to Urban Studies - URBS S1517 Mary Rocco
Session Q Courses (July 6 – August 12)
Anthropology The Interpretation of Culture - ANTH S1002 Maxine Weisgrau
Anthropology The Rise of Civilization - ANTH S1008 Terence D'Altroy
Anthropology Anthropology of Climate Change - ANTH S2724 Paige West
Anthropology Anthropology of Islam: Contemporary Middle East - ANTH S3009 Maria Malmstorm
Anthropology Culture, Society & Catastrophe - ANTH S3215 J.C. Salyer
Anthropology Women and Gender in South Asia - ANTH S4187 Sonia Ahsan
Art History New York City and the History of Museums - AHIS S3441 Risham Majeed
Bioethics Advanced Mediation for Bioethics - BIET K5207 Jenny Besch
Bioethics Empirical Methods in Bioethics - BIET K5310 Nora Jacobson
Bioethics Neuroscience and Ethics - BIET K5350 Lauren Sankary
Bioethics Environmental Ethics - BIET K5360 Arthur Kuflik
Bioethics Ethics & Pharmaceutical Industry - BIET K5430 Llew Keltner & Sarah Bergstresser
Business Certificate Introduction to Finance - BUSI K5001 Stephen Hurley
Business Certificate Corporate Finance - BUSI K5003 Kevin Sweeney
Business Certificate Security Analysis - BUSI K5040 Perry Beaumont
Comparative Literature: Middle East Cinema & Society in Asia & Africa Hamid Dabashi
Earth and Environmental Sciences Dinosaurs and the History of Life - EESCS1004 Paul Olsen
Economics Financial Economics - ECONS 3025 A. Vivette Ancona
Economics Money and Banking - ECONV 3265 Tri Vi Dang
English English Translations of the Bible - ENGL 3493 David Yerkes
History US Presidency from George Washington to Donald Trump - HIST S3428 David Eisenbach
History Global History of the U.S. Military - HISTS 3455 Robert Neer
Information and Knowledge Strategy Networked Work - IKNS 5305 Katrina Pugh
Information and Knowledge Strategy Leading Large Complex Projects - IKNS K55991 TBA
Law Constitutional Crises on Campus: Constitutional Law Through the Lens of Higher Education - LAW S3200 Christopher Riano
Mathematics College Algebra - Analytical Geometry - MATHS1003 Penka Marinova
Mathematics Calculus IV - MATHS1202 Keaton Naff
Mathematics Ordinary Differential Equations - MATHS3027 Tat Sang Fung
Music Women, Power, and Popular Music - WMST 2340 Ellie Hisama
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Advanced Conflict Resolution -NECR K5202 Christine Shaw
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution and Dynamical Systems - NECR K5210 Camilo Azcarate
Philosophy Philosophical Reflections on Love, Loss- HUMAS1200 Christia Mercer
Philosophy Existentialism - PHIL S3350 Conor Cullen
Physics Basic Physics - PHYSS0065 Jeremy Dodd
Philosophy Metaphysics - PHIL S3601 Andrew Richmond
Political Science Latino Political Experience - POLSW3260 Carlos Vargos-Ramos
Political Science Experimental Research: Exploring Political Phenomena - POLS4708/td> Donald Green
Political Science Strategic Intelligence/Political Decisions - POLSS4832 Albert Bininachvili
Psychology Intro-Developmental Psych - PSYCS2280 Nim Tottenham
Religion Islam - RELIS2305 Verena Meyer
Strategic Communication Political Communication - COMM K5160 Andrew Whitehouse
Strategic Communication Connecting Purpose and Profit through Communication - COMM K5245 Hayley Berlent
Sustainability Management Water Resources and Climate - SUMA  K4147 Laia Andreu
Sustainability Management Writing About Global Science for International Media - SUMA K5180 Claudia Dreifus
Sustainability Management Access, Innovation and the Urban Transportation Transition - SUMA K5450 Eric Goldwyn
Women's and Gender Studies Women, Power, and Popular Music - WMST 2340 Ellie Hisama
Session X Courses (May 26 – August 14)
Business Certificate Introduction to Finance - BUSI K5001 Stephen Hurley
Business Certificate Corporate Finance - BUSI K5003 Kevin Sweeney
Business Certificate Financial Accounting - BUSI K5009 Rebecca Shaffer
Business Certificate Introduction to Marketing - BUSI K5020 Lauri Harrison
Business Certificate Marketing Strategy - BUSI K5025 Andrew Blum
Construction Administration Estimating Project Costs - CNAD K5100 Ian M Taylor
Enterprise Risk Management Intro to Finance - ERMC K5001 Justin So
Enterprise Risk Management Managing Human Behavior - ERMC K5010 Patti Ippoliti
Enterprise Risk Management Value-Based Enterprise Risk Management - ERMC K5100 Sim Segal
Enterprise Risk Management External Stakeholder Requirements - ERMCK5100 RS Forstorn
Enterprise Risk Management Intro to Quantitative Risk Management - ERMC K5350 Michael Ding
Enterprise Risk Management Financial Risk Management - ERMC K5360 David J Romoff
Enterprise Risk Management FRM Practices - ERMCK5270 David J Romoff
Enterprise Risk Management ERM Modeling - ERMC K5550 Tom Passante
Enterprise Risk Management Information Technology Risk Management - ERMC K5570 Kiran Bhujle
Information and Knowledge Strategy Effective Knowledge Strategy and Services - IKNS K5301 Ed Hoffman
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Introduction to Health Care Negotiation - NECR K5050 Rodney Erb
Nonprofit Management Legal Landscape of Nonprofit Law: Essentials for Non-Lawyers - NOPM K5190 Sharon Nokes
Nonprofit Management Leadership in the Charitable Sector - NOPM K5200 Gloria Johnson-Cusack
Nonprofit Management Introduction to Planned Giving - NOPM K5379 Neal Myerberg
Sustainability Management Sustainable Entrepreneurship - NOPM K5220 Jonathan Hollander
Sustainability Management Impact Finance for Sustainability Practitioners - SUMAK5445 Bhakti Mirchandani
Sustainability Management The Business and Ecology of Sustainable Forestry - SUMA K5770 Ralph Schmidt
Strategic Communication The Strategic Storyteller - COMM K5020 Don Waisanen
Online Course Delivery

Summer courses include innovative online learning with interactive problem-solving, robust lectures, and thoughtful discussions.


Alumni Summer students are expected to complete the course readings and participate in discussions and interactive activities but, because the program is non-credit and not graded, alumni do not submit work. Group project participation and presentations are at the discretion of your faculty member.


Alumni will need access to high-speed internet that supports live streaming and interactive video. Courses will use Canvas or Courseworks as their Learning Management System (LMS). Both Canvas and Coureworks support online discussion boards and provide a detailed framework of the course and each day’s readings and activities.