Current Columbia Students: Housing

Current Columbia Students

Housing Services

As a current student at Columbia College or School of Engineering and Applied Science, you have the most access to housing on campus. Details below outline how your current housing situation applies to your Summer Session registration and attendance.

Summer 2019 dates, rates, and applications can be found on the Columbia Housing website.

Columbia College and Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

If you are living in residence halls during the spring semester, you can apply for summer housing, and priority will be given to you as a student registered for summer classes. Summer housing is assigned in two six-week blocks. Additionally, you are eligible to apply for interim housing to span the time between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of the Summer Sessions. Students admitted to the class of 2023 are not eligible for summer sessions housing.

Summer and interim housing charges for current Columbia students will be billed automatically to a student's account.