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The History Department  is one of the leading centers of historical scholarship in the world. The courses employ many different approaches to the past. Explore topics related to U.S. and global history from the Middle Ages to Present. 

The courses on this page reflect Summer 2019 offerings. 


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Questioning Modernity in South Asia and the Middle East
HIST S3237D 4 points.

This seminar grapples with the complex and contaminated genealogy of the modern, paying attention to discrepancy and difference that undoes the homogenous unity of modernity’s space and time. We will seek to unravel this unity through a thematic exploration of modernity in South Asia and the Middle East in the 19th and 20th Centuries as an historical, political, cultural, and spatial project with divergent outcomes. Centering modernity’s relationship with colonialism, we will explore topics such as knowledge production; science and technology; gender and sexuality; religion; caste and class.

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