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The Summer 2020 application will open in November 2019. Please visit our events page to register for an online information session, or contact to speak with an advisor.


Courses in Premed

Summer Premed courses are perfect if you’re either in a Premed program or are entering one in the fall. If you are planning to start a Premed program in the fall, use your summer to take preparatory coursework in Chemistry, Physics, or Math. 

Chemistry Department Note:
Lab fees, paid at the time of registration, cover the costs of nonreturnable items, chemicals, and reasonable breakage. In addition, students may be charged for excessive breakage, returning equipment uncleaned, or late check-out. Students must present lab fee receipt at the first laboratory meeting.

The courses on this page reflect Summer 2019 offerings. 

Preparatory Coursework:

CHEM S0001 Preparation for College Chemistry

MATH S0065 Basic Math

MATH S1003 College Algebra and Analytical Geometry

PHYS S0065 Basic Physics


S1403 General Chemistry, I: Lectures

S1404 General Chemistry, II: Lectures

S1500 General Chemistry: Laboratory

S2443 Organic Chemistry, I: Lectures

S2444 Organic Chemistry, II: Lectures

S2543 Organic Chemistry: Laboratory


S1101 Calculus, I


S1201 General Physics, I

S1202 General Physics, II

S1291 General Physics Laboratory, I

S1292 General Physics Laboratory, II


S1101 Introduction to Statistics (without calculus)

S1201 Introduction to Statistics (with calculus)