2023 Session Dates
Session A
May 22–June 30, 2023
Session B
July 3–August 11, 2023
Session X
May 22–August 11, 2023

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Columbia Summer Session offers students the unique opportunity to foster academic, cultural, and career experiences as they advance their studies in the classroom, on campus, and around New York City. Guided by Columbia faculty, students mix with peers from around the world for co-curricular and social events, city excursions, and outings to cultural institutions, the theater, and sporting events.

Get Ahead This Summer
Speaker photos from Religion and the History of Black Music
Speaker photos from Summer Ideas Exchange
Speaker photos from Summer Ideas Exchange
Faculty-Led Co-Curricular Activities

At Columbia, students are invited to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities, designed to spark academic curiosity and exploratory learning. Series and events provide access to the renowned faculty and engaging courses available during the Columbia Summer Session.

Making friends
Live music events
Connect and Learn

The Columbia University Summer Session offers curated educational, social, and cultural experiences to connect students with each other and University faculty, as well as organized visits to New York City landmarks and institutions. Students are encouraged to attend special lectures, activities and social events on campus, as well as participate in city-wide excursions to Broadway, historic sites, and cruises, among others. From New York City's landmark cultural sites—to historic sites like the Statue of Liberty, and 1,000+ art galleries, 300+ films, 40+ theaters, the city is a global hub for go-getters who learn by doing. Your Columbia ID gives you access to perks around the city.

Career Design Lab
LinkedIn headshots
Career Skills and Exploration

Choosing a career path can sometimes be confusing, but the right tools and guidance can help provide clarity. Unique to the Columbia Summer Session is the Summer Career Design Workshop. Students receive robust and practical career coaching, from individualized instruction on interview and résumé writing, to advice on building your own personal brand, including social media guidance and time with a professional photographer for a polished LinkedIn headshot.

Immerse Yourself in Learning
Students outside the Metropolitan Museum.
Summer music instruction.
A student immersed in the creative process.
Arts and Humanities

Feel the energy of the city as you experience its diverse cultural offerings that supplement on-campus learning. Explore your creative side and expand your understanding of art, music, and theater, as you take in Broadway and theater performances and visit institutions of culture around the city. Classical music, opera, contemporary concerts, and the city's vast array of museums await.

Focus in the classroom.
Wall Street awaits.
Classroom dialogue
Economics and Finance

Explore your interest in finance and economics while gaining access to industry experts in one of the world’s financial hubs. Courses in economics, corporate finance, marketing, management, accounting, and entrepreneurship will equip you with better understanding of what drives industries.

In the lab
Field study
Testing theories
Pre-Medical Studies and STEM

Put theory to practice with the guidance of Columbia faculty and gain access to state-of-the-art facilities. Courses in STEM, psychology, chemistry, physics, and other disciplines help students advance their academic goals, or allow them to explore new courses of study to find new pathways for learning.

Masked protesters seen on a street carrying a sign that reads Say Her Name.
Social Justice and Public Policy

Study and analyze the political, economic, and social systems that impact nations and people around the world.

The sun shines over the flags in front of the UN building in New York City.
Summer-Only Certifications

We offer three immersive graduate-level Certification of Professional Achievement programs: Critical Issues in International Relations, Human Rights, and United Nations Studies.

What Students Are Saying
Students chat on campus
Visiting Undergraduate
A Newfound Love for NYC, a Lifelong Passion for Psychology

College junior Queenie Liu jumped on her plans to earn a Ph.D. by taking a psychology course during the Columbia University Summer Session.

Visiting Graduate
Taking Finance Courses in the World’s Financial Capital

German Graduate student Nicolas Bellingkrodt enrolled in the Columbia University Summer Session to take four courses while abroad.

Visiting Postbaccalaureate
Studying Social Issues to Build Long-Term Solutions

Canadian postbaccalaureate student Gisela Lizbeth Medina Tovar explains how the program catalyzed her deep interest in sociology.

Taking a Sneak Peek at College Life

High school student Naisha Kumar enrolled in the Columbia Pre-College Program to ease her transition into college life later.

Important Information
Students on campus
Visa Information

Columbia Summer Session is a gateway to new experiences. Learn more about your options as an international student and find information on visas and the ISSO.

Health Safety Protocols

The health and safety of our community is the University’s highest priority. All Columbia affiliates are required to follow University guidance on health protocols, found here.