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Election 2020

This year’s U.S. election promises to be as unprecedented as 2016. Expand your knowledge of the American political systems and the presidency in preparation for a whirlwind political year.

Gain new perspectives on modern politics through the various lenses of economics, psychology, philosophy, and more.

Develop a stronger understanding of the benefits of new ideologies and different viewpoints and stretch your mind to think critically.

Choose what piques your interest from the menu of courses listed below.

Summer 2020 Session Info

Choose from one to two courses per session, for a total of up to four courses during the summer term.

  • Session 1 (D) courses are  May 26 - July 2
  • Session 2 (Q) courses are  July 6 - August 14

To request a syllabus, please contact the Summer Sessions office at with the course name and number. Check the Directory of Courses for the most up-to-date information.

Choose up to four classes (12 points) from the following list: