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Summer 2021 Session Information

  • SESSION A courses are May 3–June 18, 2021
  • SESSION B courses are June 28–August 16, 2021
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GRKM3935S001 3 points.
Course Overview: This course examines the way particular spaces—cultural, urban, literary—serve as sites for the production and reproduction of cultural and political imaginaries. It places particular emphasis on the themes of the polis, the city, and the nation-state as well as on spatial representations of and responses to notions of the Hellenic across time. Students will consider a wide range of texts as spaces—complex sites constituted and complicated by a multiplicity of languages—and ask: To what extent is meaning and cultural identity, site-specific? How central is the classical past in Western imagination? How have great metropolises such as Paris, Istanbul, and New York fashioned themselves in response to the allure of the classical and the advent of modern Greece? How has Greece as a specific site shaped the study of the Cold War, dictatorships, and crisis?
Course Number Section/Call Number Session Times/Location
GRKM3935S001 001/11198 Summer B Subterm Tu 01:00 PM–04:10 PM
Th 01:00 PM–04:10 PM

Instructor Points Enrollment Method of Instruction
Dimitris Antoniou
3 Open for Enrollment
(auto-fill waitlist)
On-Line Only
GRKM4020W001 2 points.

This course invites students to explore the emerging field of public humanities, gain hands-on experience with its objectives, methods, and outcomes, and pursue their own independent projects that connect research on Greece with a broad public audience. The course is structured around: (1) a seminar in Hellenic Studies in which students are introduced to modern Greek history and culture through the study of texts, films, and cultural artifacts, (2) a workshop in which students are trained in the methods and tools of public-facing research (e.g., conducting oral histories, producing podcasts, curating online exhibitions), and (3) independent projects in which students work closely with Columbia faculty, fellows of the Institute for Ideas and Imagination, and public humanities partners in Greece (artists, curators, educators, and activists).

Course Number Section/Call Number Session Times/Location
GRKM4020W001 001/12933 Full Trm Crs
Instructor Points Enrollment Method of Instruction
Dimitris Antoniou
2 Closed for Online Registration On-Line Only