Narrative Medicine

Narrative Medicine

Narrative medicine proposes that the goals of health care include social justice, recognition of the whole persons who care and are cared for, and the development of trust and self-discovery within committed clinical relationships. The non-degree Narrative Medicine Certification of Professional Achievement program fulfills these objectives by educating a leadership corps of health professionals, writers, and scholars who seek to imbue patient care and professional education with the skills and values of narrative understanding.

This program is developed specifically for students who seek ways to bring narrative methods into their clinical or teaching practices. This program introduces students to the principles and practice of narrative medicine through rigorous courses leading to intellectual growth, interpersonal relationships, and personal insight. Students will practice designing and evaluating narrative training interventions in clinical settings.


Students in the Narrative Medicine Certification program complete five online courses and attend one workshop in-person or virtually. Students may take courses in three consecutive terms or in as much time as three years. Each online course will begin at the traditional start of the fall, spring, and summer terms, and run for 10 weeks.

The program is part-time and online. The courses are asynchronous, with no required weekly meeting time, giving students the flexibility of accessing course materials, lectures, and assignments within a specific weekly timeframe to accommodate their schedules.

To receive the certification, students must complete the five 3-credit courses (for a total of 15 credits) and the non-credit workshop. Students who successfully complete the program and who are admitted to the Master of Science program in Narrative Medicine. may count their certification toward 6 credits of elective coursework.

Sample Course Schedule

Narrative Ethics.  3 pts.

Narrative Medicine Methods: Close Reading and Writing.  3 pts.
Social Justice: Narratives of Inequality.  3 pts.
Writing Creatively: Craft Lab and Workshop.  3 pts.

Pedagogy: Goals, Methods, Contexts.  3 pts.
Qualitative Evaluation Methods for Narrative Medicine Practice.  3 pts.
In-person workshop.  0 pts.

How to Apply

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