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Taking Finance Courses in the World’s Financial Capital

About: Graduate Student from Germany
Area of Study: Markets and Companies
Columbia Program: Visiting Students, Graduate
Columbia Courses: Introduction to Finance; Corporate Finance; Political Economy; and Managing Human Behavior in the Organization (Summer Sessions A & B) 

Entering his third year at graduate school in Germany, Nicolas Bellingkrodt was looking for a challenge and the opportunity to study abroad. He joined Columbia’s 2022 Summer Session as a visiting graduate student, registering for four economics and business courses to deepen his finance knowledge and strengthen his strategic thinking. “For personal growth, it is indispensable to get out of my comfort zone, to do something new, and to learn the perspective of different people,” Nicolas explains. 

The numerous presentations required of each student helped him to effectively understand the topics covered during the lectures. His personal favorite? Managing Human Behavior in the Organization, he says. “Professor Jacqueline Strayer made this course an unbelievable experience. The mix of Professor Strayer’s personality, her way of teaching, and the interesting topics made this class amazing.” He left the course understanding “how to motivate your employees, how to form an effective team, and the importance of a company’s vision, mission, and values.” Nicolas also credits the Political Economy course with giving him an essential understanding of “individual decision-making in the market under specific conditions.”

Nicolas enjoyed many attractions around New York City, running in Riverside Park and taking advantage of Columbia-organized student outings such as seeing Beetlejuice on Broadway. He wishes he had time to see more of the city. “Although three months is not a short time,” he says, “I will definitely not be able to see all of New York!” 

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