Visiting Students: Registration Procedures

Visiting Students

Admitted Students

Enrollment Next Steps

Welcome again to Columbia University School of Professional Studies (SPS) and New York City! We are so excited to have you studying with us this term. 

Summer students at SPS have access to a dedicated Academic Advisor who can guide them through many aspects of their time at Columbia University, but our first role is to help you register for classes. All admitted students must register for their desired courses after receiving their admissions letter, following the steps below. Please note: listing your desired courses in your application does not automatically register you for those courses.


1. Enrollment Confirmation

In order to secure a place in the program you must complete the enrollment form within the online application system and submit your tuition deposit.

Notice about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Deposit Refunds for Summer 2020: We will issue a full refund of your enrollment deposit if you are unable to attend because of COVID-19 concerns, your travel to Columbia University is disrupted due to COVID-19, or if you decide to cancel due to health concerns related to COVID-19.  

Please email with the details of your situation and we will review your request. 

2.  Activate your University ID (UNI) and Email (LionMail) Account

Your UNI is created three to five business days after confirming your enrollment. To activate your UNI, click the “Activate Your UNI or LionMail Account” option on the Manage My UNI page. If you are unable to look up your UNI using the available search tool and more than five business days have passed, please contact

Use your UNI and password to ensure it is functioning properly. All University communications including bills will be sent to your LionMail account.

Registering for Classes

Registration Timeline

New summer students are eligible to register for classes after they have completed key enrollment steps listed above including submission of required admissions and activation of your UNI and LionMail email account

You can review the academic calendar for a comprehensive list of registration dates and other important deadlines. Students are responsible for understanding and adhering to the registration dates and deadlines specified in the academic calendar.

Selecting Class Options

SPS students have access to a wide variety of class options across the University in the summer. Students in structured programs such as our Certificate or Certification programs should review their curricular requirements with their Advisor. For students in unstructured programs, such as our Visiting Student Programs, our Advising Team can also be a helpful resource to ensure you are making the right course selection for your academic goals.

Please feel free to contact your Advisor directly to set up a meeting to discuss your summer at Columbia University.

Registering in Student Services Online (SSOL)

Students formally register for class via Student Services Online (SSOL) during registration appointment windows available on most weekdays (excluding holidays). You can follow these registration instructions when navigating the system for the first time.

View a Registration Webinar

If you are looking for more information, we encourage you to review our pre-registration webinar. This is a video guide for registering for classes and helpful “pro-tips” for getting started. 

If you have any questions after reviewing this material, please reach out to your Advisor for more guidance.