Certificates and Certifications of Professional Achievement

Certificates and Certifications of Professional Achievement

Certifications of Professional Achievement are an ideal entry point to pursuing a subject of interest or for career development or advancement. Certificates, which are appropriate for graduate school preparation and career advancement, offer a focused form of advanced study that can be as intensive as a degree program.

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One-Term Certifications of Professional Achievement

These Certifications of Professional Achievement can be completed in one 12-week Summer term — or more than one term, if desired.

Critical Issues in International Relations*

Offered by the School of Professional Studies and Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, this program provides understanding of the basic analytical issues, theoretical approaches, history, and policy debates in international relations.

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Human Rights*

The study of human rights at Columbia University emphasizes the interaction between human rights theory and practice, and requires you to approach the issues from multiple angles. You will have the opportunity to explore human rights both inside and outside the classroom. Classes focus on economics, gender, and legal issues relating to the international struggle for human rights. It is offered by the Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University through the School of Professional Studies.

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United Nations Studies*

The program allows students to explore the role of the United Nations Security Council in international peacekeeping and the U.N.’s economic development activities. It is jointly offered by Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs and the School of Professional Studies.

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* These certifications are offered exclusively during Columbia Summer.

Multi-Term Certificates

Start these certificates in the Summer and complete them in a future term.

Ecology, Evolution, and Environmental Biology

This program will help you develop skills in the core sciences related to environmental biology such as chemistry, biology, earth sciences, statistics, and conservation biology; as well as advanced class work in ecology, evolution, organismal biology or environmental policy. You will be exposed to theoretical and practical applications of these subject areas in the classroom and lab to prepare you for highly competitive graduate programs.

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Narrative Medicine

With the academic study of Narrative Medicine, you will be a pioneer in a field committed to improving the quality of healthcare worldwide. The Narrative Medicine Certification program will educate a leadership corps of health professionals, writers, and scholars who seek to imbue patient care and professional education with the skills and values of narrative understanding.

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Quantitative Studies for Finance

This program will prepare you for graduate study in mathematics and statistics of finance and financial engineering. The curriculum will help you strengthen your background in mathematics and statistics for this purpose.

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Note for Columbia Students

Except in the case of an approved dual-degree program, coursework cannot be applied toward the completion of more than one degree or certificate program.

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Undergraduate, graduate and postbaccalaureate students.

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